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A middle-aged man makes every effort to provide for more or less decent life for his family. He is a driver who carries vegetables and fruits. He spends reasonable to save for his family and especially for his kid. Everything is all right until the day when the boy finds out that the part of the money have been made in indecent way. This revelation provokes a serious conflict in the family and the boy deserts his home. The man makes an attempt to put an end to his shady deals, but it turns out to be impossible. His 'employers' display exorbitant aggressiveness.

Title: All for Love Date: 1986 Time: 92 min Category: Drama
Price: free Country: Bulgaria Rating: 8.6 Type: Movie
Awards: N/A
Writer: Chavdar Shinov (novel), Nikolai Volev
Actors: Velko Kynev, Ivan Velkov, Maria Statulova, Leda Taseva
Director: Nikolai Volev




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2 January 2012 metodito from Bulgaria:
It's sad, but optimistic picture. Taking bribes, committing a crime without confessing it and proclamation of false moral that you don't believe. A movie about the meaning of fatherhood, and manhood, altogether. About the point of living a decent life. This movie had problems with the sensors in the Communist era but, although some time passed before it was released, it happened. They released it and it had immense success. Unfortunately, today, there isn't any interest in showing some meaningful films, and most of the Bulgarian pictures are just pretentious crap, an awful versions of Hollywood worst pictures. If you want to watch an example of good Bulgarian movie, "To Love in Spite Of" is the best choice for me. Hope you will enjoy it.


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