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Host Jamie Theakston attempts to uncover the truth about historical mysteries, ancient relics, hidden treasures, conspiracy theories and lost civilizations. Have these stories been omitted from the history books?

Title: Forbidden History Date: 2013 Time: N/A Category: Documentary, History
Price: free Country: UK Rating: 6.5 Type: Series
Awards: N/A
Writer: N/A
Actors: Jamie Theakston, Andrew Gough, Lionel Fanthorpe, Dallas Harley Jones
Director: N/A




Forbidden history s04e06 HD

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20 July 2017 Sergio Scout from United States:
A lot of these so called "history documentaries" are part fact but mostly fiction and some do not even have that much facts in them. I kind of have it with people that proclaim they are "historians" while failing basic academic modus operandi.Do I expect some great academic approach to a topic? Well not completely but if your fumble and fail to use actual sources, it is kind of huge red flag that you are in fact not a historian ( or that your degree comes from a crappy university)Is it entertaining.. 50-50. Some episodes are OK-ish while others are borderline bad. This program feels more like a promotion stunt for the writers that come on this program than actual informing people. For example: when they are discussing Arthur and ALL of them said that " there was no evidence and that it was all a ruse by the church to get funding blah blah blah". Then a real historian comes to on and SHOWS THE ACTUAL EVIDENCE!!! Manuscripts and books from before the "Arthurian legendary tales" actually were written. I mean if you ignore pretty important evidence like these source materials you clearly have no clue what you are doing and in every academic perspective you are not an academic as such. Is image of Arthur romanticized? Yes, but according to the evidence there was a person called Arthur, who fought many battles against the Saxons.I would rate this show at a 3/10 because of the factual incorrect ramblings of some of the "experts" who aren't experts. Either you are doing a historical documentary or you are doing fiction. Don't fumble mc stupid it up and get impressionable people confused. You want a great show that is factual accurate AND keeps an open mind when talking to academics, real experts ( not the self-proclaimed drivel this show is having) you should pick Destination Truth and Expedition unknown and even Expedition Mungo. "Forbidden history" is not history it is a farce, put together by writers of fiction who then proclaim to be historians but really aren't.To watch or not to watch? I would recommend "not watch" unless you want to be bored to tears by the so-called "experts". Lot of flash-words, which means a lot of awe but no substance.


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