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Reality TV show following eight young men and women as they spend a summer experiencing the highs and lows of Newcastle-upon-Tyne's party scene.

Title: Geordie Shore Date: 2011 Time: 60 min Category: Comedy, Drama, Reality-TV
Price: free Country: UK Rating: 5.3 Type: Series
Awards: 1 nomination.
Writer: N/A
Actors: Vicky Pattison, Holly Hagan, Gaz Beadle, James Tindale
Director: N/A




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21 September 2014 m_lecarre from United States:
It's a pity that there is no below-zero rating on IMDb for I would surely have given this so-called piece of entertainment a minus infinity rating. Being an ex-pat Geordie myself I do look out for things of interest from "home" but this show is in no way representative of the Geordieland that I grew up in. Admittedly I'm on the wrong side of seventy years old but this trash is not entertainment and it is not representative of any true Geordie that I have ever known - it is barely representative of any "almost human being" that I've ever known. Adjectives that spring immediately to mind such as disgusting, immoral, moronic and such do not adequately describe either the show itself or the "almost-human" garbage whose grotesque waste of life it portrays. Save your sanity and your dignity and do not watch this obscene waste of footage : you'll get a bigger and better dose of entertainment by hitting yourself with a ten pound hammer and sleeping it off. Then at least you won't have to deal with the memory of having watched a bunch of sociopathic tramps having what to them is a "good" time. Why anyone of any age would watch this superficial and excremental tripe is beyond me.
12 November 2012 Merseywally from Australia:
Obviously this is no breaking bad, sopranos or the wire, no reality show is. They're mostly pieces of sh**, however once in a while one comes that is so ridiculous that it is bloody entertaining. There's no doubt Geordie Shore is a horrible show, but the characters are hilarious (perhaps a lot of the time not on purpose) it is pretty addictive. The puss that comes out of Charlotte's mouth is brilliant, Vicky, Sophi's retarded relationships are entertaining, Holly is not likable however her antics are most definitely watchable, and the boys slightly cocky nature whilst pulling ridiculous women each week always provides some drama (namely Charlotte and Gazs complex yet hilarious relationship). Geordie shore, utter sh** which is great!
7 March 2013 Vaughan A Davies (brutalkid1997) from blackpool, england:
This is the most horrible piece of trash I've ever seen, The women are whores, the men are generic dirt bags, And this "show" is massively scripted, I heard people my age (15) are massive fans of this show. Modern pop has officially distorted the youth of the UK. This show should be banned from TV, it really is disgusting and degrading to the human race, these guys are the human waste, failed people, who believe they have "Swag" and believe "Yolo" (You only live once) means do crazy stuff, as you will die at some point anyway, you only live once so just go f______ nuts, That is what these dirt bags mean, if you like this show, i suggest you look at yourself in a mirror and think.....Am i really a piece of human waste if i copy these dirt bags?Yes you are.This show should be avoided and kids and teenager should Never watch this "reality" show.


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