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Killjoys is a fast paced space adventure about a trio of hard-living, party-loving bounty hunters working for the R.A.C (Recovery and Apprehension Coalition). An Independent interplanetary organization of assassins and retrieval experts, who are known across the J cluster as Killjoys. The show centers on their lives and activities in the Quad, a heavily populated solar system, ruled by a tyrannical class based corporation known as the company. With the whole system verging on revolutionary war and their own bloody pasts finally catching up with them. The three struggle daily to maintain their R.A.C neutrality by focusing on the only law a Killjoy won't break "The Warrant is all".

Title: Killjoys Date: 2015 Time: 42 min Category: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Price: free Country: Canada Rating: 7.2 Type: Series
Awards: 6 nominations.
Writer: Michelle Lovretta
Actors: Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, Luke Macfarlane, Tamsen McDonough
Director: N/A




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30 June 2015 Kevin Wright from United Kingdom:
It's such a relief to see Brit playing the lead character rather than the clichéd "bad guy". I, for one, was never convinced by the idea that the universe would somehow be exclusively populated by Californians.Okay... so it's not "deep" or hardcore sci-fi, and some of the characters are a little 2-dimensional; but it seems to have potential to improve here, and it's just plain enjoyable nonetheless. Thankfully they haven't made the cardinal sin of just ignoring the laws of physics for the sake of a storyline (yes Fringe, I'm looking at *you*), and the level of comedy seems well balanced.Definite overtones of Firefly, also maybe a bit of SG1 and possibly even shades of Farscape (without the aliens). I'm curious to see where it goes.
7 July 2015 lavransrm from United States:
First, a response to one review which said:"The story was happening in some remote Galaxy, but strangely enough, there is only human in that galaxy." No, not a galaxy far,far away. A star system reasonably close to Earth, in this galaxy. The first thing that a sci-fi fan needs to get straight is the real astronomy involved. As soon as they start talking about galaxies, you can usually just move on. This series appears to postulate a future in which FTL drive has enabled humans from Earth to move out into the spiral arm of this galaxy, and settle on various planets. While the astronomy of habitable worlds as satellites of a gas giant is stretching it a bit, it works well enough for our purposes. This scenario also appears to be lacking in aliens, indicating that none have (yet) to be encountered. But the real fun is the way that our little crew gets out there and has real adventures. I expect that more background and backfill will add some depth. The griping about poor acting, shallowness and general lack of grand drama is not appropriate to this kind of show. In fact, it's a pleasure to be spared the Grand Themes that plague so much sci-fi on the tube. I am hoping that maybe this show will turn out to be happening in the same universe as Dark Matter, and that our Killjoys get a warrant to go after the Dark matter 6. Whee!
31 July 2015 evolily from Chicago:
This is a very fun, campy space western. It pulls off quite a bit for a low budget, the sets each week do feel genuine- unlike some other shows, every episode doesn't seem to take place in a warehouse or mall. The world building can, at times, seem to take over the character building, although seven episodes in they seem to have struck a happy balance. It's nice to see a variety of female characters who feel dynamic and have power, which is all too often something reserved only for the male characters.I'm not sold on the background music, at times it can be overpowering and distracting. The intro looks like it came straight out of a late 90s syndicated show. These are largely cosmetic complaints, though. I'm hoping it will stick around, although I'm not sure Syfy understands the potential the show has.


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