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After finding out he has an STD, Dylan must get back in touch with every girl he has ever had sex with to let them know the bad news.

Title: Lovesick Date: 2014 Time: 24 min Category: Comedy
Price: free Country: UK Rating: 8.1 Type: Series
Awards: 2 nominations.
Writer: Tom Edge
Actors: Johnny Flynn, Antonia Thomas, Daniel Ings, Hannah Britland
Director: N/A




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28 October 2014 tigerssteve from :
The three main characters are written and played brilliantly. The plot line is very funny and the twists and turns really well done. The "nice" lad is so likable and the "bad" lad is too. We shouldn't but we just can't help liking him. I can't wait to see more of this, it's the best new comedy for yonks and has everything; including an absolutely gorgeous Evie, who is to die for. There's a real mix of comedy, ranging from slapstick, through farce to nice little sarcastic lines which hit the target wonderfully well. All tied up within a love story waiting to happen; or is it? This has the potential to run for a long time but strangely, it would probably be better if it didn't. The tension would be unbearable if it remains unbroken for too long.Watch it everyone; it's superb stuff
6 October 2014 El_Groundhoggo from United Kingdom:
Here's the Twitch Film review. Rather more positive! "Imagine the love child of Judd Apatow and Edgar Wright and you're getting into the right space with Scrotal Recall. The writing is certainly witty and stylized but not so much as to obscure the human core of the characters, the content poking gleeful fun at the foolishness its characters engage in in the service of sex and relationships. It's edginess relies more on wit than raunch, which is a refreshing change, and the treatment of its characters surprisingly heartfelt. Time will tell if it has legs but one episode in and Scrotal Recall is one of the most promising British comedies of recent years."
21 April 2015 memarkw2 from Arlington, TX:
I don't write reviews very well, but after seeing a scathing 1-star review on the main page, I had to try.I enjoyed this show so much. It reminded me a bit of the Australian series "Please Like Me," even though they don't have much in common. At six episodes, it's an easy binge watch and well worth it. It's pretty original. All of the characters are likable, even the womanizing jerk or a roommate. The actors play their parts well. Despite what another review says, the acting is actually as good as any other quality series. I don't think it ever saw a second season, but hopefully it'll do well enough on Netflix that they'll revive it for a few more seasons!


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