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A few dozen home chefs battle it out in the Masterchef Kitchen to earn the best chef title, judge by top Australian chefs.

Title: MasterChef Australia Date: 2009 Time: 60 min Category: Reality-TV
Price: free Country: Australia Rating: 8.3 Type: Series
Awards: 6 wins & 11 nominations.
Writer: N/A
Actors: Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris, Matt Preston, Nick McKay
Director: N/A




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12 August 2011 jljacobi from SF, CA:
I don't really know exactly what it is about this show, but it speaks to me. The best things humans do are a result of cooperative effort and the contestants and judges on this show seem to understand this innately. It's all about the food and making it what should be.Unlike the American version which tries to be "edgy" and confrontational, you can sense a genuine love of food as well as camaraderie in this version. There's not a mean spirit in sight. It's also a joy to watch the cooks mature as the weeks and challenges go by.In short, it has heart, love and soul. If you want combat, watch UFC, if you want a show about the love of food, watch this.
5 March 2011 sashank_kini-1 from India:
MasterChef Australia is cool as ice. The judges aren't a sorry bunch of tyrannical, boorish, acerbic and foul-mouthed yahoos but a suave, openhearted and almost selfless as they unreservedly share their own experiences, imparting their veteran knowledge to the amateur contestants and most importantly, ready to give show much of their precious time to these cooks. 76 episodes may have been an ordeal if the show were the slightly supercilious Top Chef or the vulgar Hell's Kitchen. To watch MasterChef Australia is to relieve oneself from tension, stress or flaring temper. The show manages to inject a sense of satiation amongst its participants, irrespective of their fate on the show. Gary, George and Matt are probably some of the kindest and most endearing personalities in all the reality shows I have seen. There is not hint of chicanery in them like in other shows where judges often dramatize or feign certain reactions in order to generate appeal.The contestants are a kracker-jack of genuine people who treat their co-contestants as friends and not like competitors or animals (Watch Hell's Kitchen). Here we see adults, who may be zany but also are hold a level of maturity and discretion that is scarcely seen anywhere nowadays.The format is quite simple but there the dozens of second-chances given and the scintillating cookery skills of the judges showcased during the show really winnowed the contestants and made them better cooks. MasterChef US, on the other hand, is turgid, cynical and chiched. The dishes are diverse, impactive and authentic. The magnificent amalgam of cultures is very respectfully blended. Indian, French, Spanish, etc dishes are all given their share of respect on the show. MasterChef Australia is simply a lip-smackingly entertaining program that follows the motto: "Don't Worry, Be Happy"
22 June 2014 ChicoIMDb from Cayman Islands:
I've watched MC Aus since it's 2nd season and have been consistently impressed by it's contestants 'reflection' of the Australian "hail fellow well met" and "good on ya" philosophy... in STARK contrast to the American MC experience of 'hyper-competitiveness' and 'damning with faint praise' The OZ judges are critical YES but not at the expense of compassion and decency ... the US judging is as if the judges want to 'let you know' just how 'sophisticated' their palate is. (although that timbre of the US shows Chef's HAS thankfully mellowed) the reason I'm writing this review is for anyone whose interest may be piqued, or questions if there is a difference ... MOST Definitely there is and I believe it gives you a VERY poignant look at the comparative psyche of American VS Australian and as an American it gives me pause as to whether we Americans couldn't learn a VERY GOOD lesson on how to pull together and care for one another and still be competitive and strive for individuality...Maybe the Aussies are a bit TOO congenial but the backbiting and negativity of the Americans almost makes me feel like Lombardi's quote "that the only good loser is a loser" takes competition to a level that tends to steal away a warmth, civility and admiration for your opponent that endears the Aussie MC with a 'Feel Good' feeling that you don't get from the US version ....maybe the tears sometimes seem more 'crocodile' in OZ but at least they don't sting and feel piteous like they do in the US version.sometimes I want to like the winner AND the loser and not just glory and stomp with the winners.a 'Bit of a rant' I'm sure but if you're at all interested in the philosophical differences between the US and Australia ... this MC cooking show may be more revelatory than you can imagine


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