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Real people share the terrifing and supernatural stories of their experience.

Title: Paranormal Survivor Date: 2015 Time: N/A Category: Documentary
Price: free Country: Canada Rating: 6.3 Type: Series
Awards: N/A
Writer: N/A
Actors: Morgan O'Dwyer, Kristen Keller, Jack Kenna, Cameron Le Roy
Director: N/A




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24 January 2016 PRVanAken from Canada:
The first season of this show had elements that made it seem like an amateurish production. Most of it was due to using ordinary people to do the re-enactments and some low budget ghost effects. Both, I would assume, were due to budget constraints. With season two, however, things have gotten better. They have been able to hire professional actors for the re-enactments, and the special effects have improved somewhat. I am surprised by the level of acting ability of the season two episodes. Of course, you know it's just acting (not the actual event), but it's just such an improvement over the stilted and unnatural performance of their season one cast. Some of those actors in season two are very good; I assume they are all Canadian, since the production company is in Canada. There is a large pool of fine under-used actors in Canada to choose from. Apparently, the production company of this show have taken advantage of that. I'm happy that a Canadian show seems to have been able to catch on with viewers. I live in Toronto. By the way, this show now has a narrator who sounds just like Anthony D. Call, the narrator that very long running American production called A Haunting.
19 September 2016 AudioFileZ from United States:
I don't care a whit for all the ghost hunter shows that bring in a team to try to document something paranormal with their equipment and claims. To this viewer they're trying to sell a fantasy and if you watch objectively they have no proof. That said I don't get the negative reviews here? These are the actual people that experienced various forms of the paranormal. They didn't want to ever be on TV and they certainly didn't want to experience the things they did. So, in the format of this show I do believe these people actually exist and only by the producer's due diligence do we get to hear of these stories. The difference is they're not going in trying to retroactively find something unexplainable, but in this show real people's real experiences are recreated with the actual participants recollections.Because I've seen no ghost hunter show of any ilk actually capture anything remotely paranormal I'd rather see real people who truly experienced the paranormal. That is the premise and reason for this show. It's far more interesting and entertaining to me. I even actually have empathy for these people who have suffered. Sometimes they can stay by having the spirits move on and sometimes they have to move. There is no one "fits all" ending. This rings far truer to me than than the ghost hunter ilk. Yeah, if you are going to watch ghost/paranormal shows this is far better.
19 March 2016 earthsign from Australia:
I made the mistake of watching this show after watching through all the episodes of the show Paranormal Witness. Paranormal Survivor is really bad, here's what I disliked most about it: They've used the same settings between different shows, the same house used a few times, the same attic used on two different shows/stories.. so you know the house the person is telling the story about is not the house being shown. This made it difficult to become immersed, because I knew the stories weren't actually taking place in the house I was looking at. This show contains a hefty dose of cheesy American production techniques. There's cheesy smiling ghosts even though the person says "they had a dead stare on their face". No, in the re-enactment they're smiling broadly. There's also cheesy looking 'demons' with red make up, horns and outstretched 'scary fingers' so bad I laughed and shook my head in disgust. The actors in the re-enactments are very poorly directed or just amateurs. All the actors look like they were drama students practising acting. "ok, now look surprised!" :O "now look scared!" :{ Also, quite a few of the actors look nothing like the person telling the story which left me confused in a few episodes as to who was meant to be who. In more than one episode a skinny person is played by an obese person. It's distracting and again, kills the immersion. They dump various paranormal "experts" into episodes without any background info so that I was constantly asking "who's this expert??". They also said nothing of any importance, they just gave justifications for things like "sometimes when people die, they don't know they're dead", and "it's normal to feel a cold patch when a ghost is nearby". After just a couple of episodes I started fast-forwarding whenever the "expert" would appear and start saying nothing of any importance. It's just like they felt obliged to have completely unknown "experts" talk because other shows do too. The only positive was that I enjoyed the ghost stories themselves true or not. Honestly though, if you want a quality production with excellent and enthralling re- enactments, avoid this and watch Paranormal Witness instead. The only thing I loathe about Paranormal Witness is the cheap, cheesy and laughable jump scare right at the end of the credits. It's such a pity American TV has a tendency to equate ghosts with cheap jump scares "boo!". That stuff is just really unscary and I don't know why TV shows seem unwilling to let the cheap tactics go.


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