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Watch Ridiculousness Season 9 Episode 3 s09e03 online:

Rob Dyrdek shows us some of the funniest videos with two of his friends.

Title: Ridiculousness Date: 2011 Time: 30 min Category: Comedy, Reality-TV
Price: free Country: USA Rating: 6.3 Type: Series
Awards: 2 nominations.
Writer: Shane Nickerson, Rob Dyrdek, Jeff Tremaine
Actors: Rob Dyrdek, Sterling Brim, Chanel West Coast
Director: N/A




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28 October 2011 maiday2000 from United States:
I tried. I tried to watch this show for more than 5 minutes...I tried about 7 times and I just can't. It is really that bad. It is so bad in fact that I was moved to write my first review on this site after like 10 years.It takes only a few seconds to realize what a ripoff this was of Tosh.O, but hey, there are plenty of videos out there to make fun of. Heck, "America's Funniest Home Videos" has been doing it for 25 years. But this show actually ruins funny clips with inane and poorly timed comments and flashes to the co-hosts laughing on a couch. Even the clips don't flow in any kind of logical sense.At this point, I am actually stunned that the show has been on for two months. The Internet is full of negative reviews. People REALLY hate this show. So either there is some subset of morons out there watching this crap or Viacom is enjoying flushing money down the toilet.Take my advice - don't watch this show. You will never get those precious moments back. Use the time for something more enjoyable - like cleaning your house or going to the dentist.
5 September 2011 klewton222 from :
I seriously cannot even describe how bad this show is and how uncomfortable I felt watching from my couch. The awkwardness and lack of originality is literally cringe-worthy. Rob throws out these unfunny comments about clips and it's hard to watch because he actually thinks he is being funny. His 2 co-hosts are completely useless, he tries to make one of them seem relevant but someone editing the show can do what this guy does. The other co-host plays the dumb blonde role of the show, and is incredibly stupid. Rob asks her what she thinks of when she hears the word "double-whammy" and she responds by saying... "burgers?" .... Absolutely stupid, right? Rob seems to think it was the funniest thing he's ever heard. It was one uncomfortable thing after another.This show is everything you would expect it to be, AFV meets Tosh.0. The problem is, Rob is not funny enough to carry this mediocrity on his back. I actually think he was part of the awkwardness. Please Rob, leave the viral video stuff to Daniel Tosh. He is actually funny, you are as the summary to this review reads. I lost every bit of respect for Dyrdek after watching this. One of the worst, most unfunny shows I have ever seen. Nothing is original, and I did not even chuckle once. They go as far as ripping off "What Happens Next?" and a form of Web Redemption from Tosh.0.Why MTV would green light this show is beyond me. I'm aware at how bad MTV is, how every show is for hipsters with no taste, but this brings them to a new low. I always felt that if you don't like Daniel Tosh then you are either way too sensitive or you simply have an awful sense of humor. That's my opinion. But if you like this show, you have a GOD AWFUL sense of humor, one that mirrors a 10 year old prepubescent little boy/girl. That's a FACT. Worst show to ever grace television. Cut your losses and save face Rob. You challenged Tosh and you failed tremendously. 1/10
30 August 2011 ppiiaa22 from Sweden:
Blatant doesn't even begin to describe how bad this show wants to be Tosh.0 - the opening shot of the presenter standing in front of a big screen in the studio, showing a guy taking a spill on his bike, was a ridiculous tell. Hence the title, I assume.The whole concept is obviously stolen: Showing funny clips from the internet where people do stupid things and hurt themselves - and then add commentary. In Tosh.0's case hilarious and sharp, but in this case taken straight from the most mundane comments on YouTube. Can we get a writer in here, please?To make matters worse the producers added more unfunny people, besides the dull presenter himself; a giggling girl and some guy with a stupid gadget, both of them utterly pointless.I still gave it 3 points, the clips were not bad at all. Tell you what to do: Turn off the sound, get your friends together, have a beer or two, and make your own commentary - now that might be a great show:)


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