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Noah Alexander and his team build and restore cars at Classic Car Studio in St. Louis, Missouri.

Title: Speed Is the New Black Date: 2017 Time: 44 min Category: Reality-TV
Price: free Country: USA Rating: 5.3 Type: Series
Awards: N/A
Writer: N/A
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Speed is the new black s01e01 HD

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17 June 2017 ksjackam from Atlanta, GA:
New reality shows with ensemble casts take some to find their "groove". I recorded and watched the first 3 episodes back-to-back. By the end of the third episode I can say I really like it. By far the biggest pro is their eclectic selection of cars including a 911, CTS-V and Triumph TR-3. I enjoyed the variety. Additionally, I dislike drama in the form of arrogance and belittling by casts (ex. Graveyard Cars). This cast enjoys some good-natured smack talk, but it's obvious they get along and respect each other (ex. Bitchin' Rides). I recommend real car fans give this show a chance. I have added it to a short list of shows on my DVR. If anyone from Velocity TV reads this, I suggest you give the show a full season to allow time to build a strong, loyal viewer following.
14 June 2017 MiloSuperSpesh from uk:
But not by much...'Cast' The boss is bland has no charisma and just sounds bored all of the time, he tries to be interested and cool but it's goes nowhere.'The main crew' Usual collection like other shows they're equally bland and try too hard to be cool.Usual faked drama.The cars look great and go fast n loud ! (yes i said that).BUT there're a few hints that they cut corners in builds, in episode 2 the car is repainted blue but when it's being assembled after paint the doors are clearly still red on the inside. While the inside door is covered by a panel/inlay, it suggests they're cheap and cut costs where ever they can... On the same build they made up some tacky ugly and frankly stupid aluminum milled circle thing instead of the rear light bar and on the front bumper..Didn't fit the car at all..The 'customers' are the usual American stereotypes douche bags/type a/meat head or young hot chick with no clue doing it for daddy...They never mention how much it all costs but expect it done in a short time frame.
14 June 2017 andersen-26185 from Sacramento CA.:
I do enjoy all the automotive build programs . Just started watching Speed is New Black - and was a bit let down with the TR-# "build" ?? That Triumph can fly with the right real power . Back in early 70's I bought a 59 TR-3 for $200 with a junk engine . Had some Chevy small block parts laying about so installed a 283 SB , T-10 4 speed . Engine was basic with Duntov 30-30 cam and single 4 BBL . Used stock TR-3 rear end . made my own drive shaft . Cut back firewall , No room for headers so stock cast iron exhaust . Used 14 in Mustang wheels as needed wider rubber to get SOME traction . NOTHING could catch this thing . Real ticket getter . Sold for $1880 . Yes it too was BRG but painted it Yellow with Standard Brands automotive paint . Still have pictures . I don't believe in purchasing "KIT" stuff rather build it my self .Keep up the good show as it will inspire others to build their own "dream machine" >>>Gary


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