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A group of hunters join in a bidding war for storage lockers that could be a win or a bust.

Title: Storage Hunters Date: 2011 Time: N/A Category: Reality-TV
Price: free Country: USA Rating: 4.5 Type: Series
Awards: N/A
Writer: N/A
Actors: Sean Kelly, Cam Rowe, Brandon Bernier, Lori Bernier
Director: N/A




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5 June 2013 mrcheesewright from London:
Storage Hunters is a reality show about people that bid on abandoned storage bins around the USA. The locations differ from episode to episode, sometimes being in the desert, others in the city and occasionally in the docks. What I have learned from these shows is as follows:1) There is only one auctioneer in the whole of AmericaIt is a bald man called Sean. He waves his arms around and goes "Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" a lot. He wears a 'Staff' T-shirt but, seeing as he flogs stuff at a different location on every show, must be hired at a lot of places simultaneously. He fist-bumps people and thinks of looky-likey type nicknames for the unnamed, non-bidding crowd members in an entirely, 100% genuine, non-scripted way. Sean is my hero.2) There are only five people who are permitted to bid on auctions in AmericaThey are a husband and wife team with all the personality of a spit- drenched rag, a black guy that shouts "Money!" a lot, a man with a big beard, a guy with big sideburns and some old redneck guy. They all hate each other for no discernible reason. Other people are allowed to watch, but they can neither bid on nor win anything.3) Winning auctions in America makes people angryWhenever anyone stops bidding, someone else wins. The losers then get angry at the winners even though they could have kept bidding and won themselves. I don't understand why they feel the need to do this, but at least I now feel suitably prepared for an auction situation in the future.4) There is only one person in America who is qualified enough to snip through a padlock with some bolt cuttersHis name is Green Mile and he hangs around with Sean. He must be a hugely skilled professional or why else would the producers pay for him to travel the country just to perform one menial task? Green Mile is my hero.5) Every storage bin in America is required by law to contain a load of seemingly worthless junk, with one piece of incredibly valuable loot hidden somewhere at the back.Think it's all dog food? Wrong - there is a diamond-encrusted collar in a tiny box under a bag of kibbles. Think it's all cuddly toys? No - you'll find an Electric Supercar in there somewhere if you look hard enough. I like this rule. It makes every auction ultimately pay off.6) In America, no matter where you are in the Country, it is possible to somehow instantaneously summon up an expert in anything you can find in a random box-full of crap."Hey, look! I've bought an old propeller! I know a guy who can tell me everything there is to know about this. I'll call him now, and he'll be here immediately. Even though I'm from Boston and am currently in Palm Springs". That kind of thing.7) People who buy stuff at clearance auctions are qualified to value anything off the top of their headsBidder: "What is it?"Sean the Auctioneer: "It's an old door"Bidder: "This is worth seven hundred bucks!"Note - 3 seconds earlier he didn't even know what it was. Now he can value it to the dollar. It's like auction magic!Well, there you go - the 7 rules to American auctions. Trust me: Reality TV doesn't get much more reality-er than this.
7 May 2012 cheeseface1 from hamilton ontario:
when watching storage hunters you want to just dip your eyes in acid. It is so obviously the constant fights between the is not worth watching. if you want to see a storage bidding show worth your while watch storage wars.i remember in one episode they open the door and a bomb goes off, after seeing this i laughed, not at it being comical but that someone would consider this quality television.when i first saw this show i thought it was good for the first 5 minutes but after this i began to hate it, but the ironic thing is i am hooked to it. i have to watch it because if i don't i know i'll miss something really fake. bottom line don't watch this show.
12 January 2013 bellab1972 from Australia:
I watched a few episodes of storage hunters and found myself hating everyone that appears on the show! There has to be someone you like and follow on any show but the main characters, the husband and wife team are just awful backward idiots that are unwatchable! I wouldn't waste my time reviewing this show but I just turned the Chanel and this show was on and I happened to see a few minutes of it until it angered me so much that I had to write this! The people are rude stupid and aggressive and I can't stand the show! I understand that these shows are not legitimate so I really hope that these people are not as stupid as they appear here in real life! This show is utterly unwatchable !


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