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Four professional buyers and their teams as they scour repossessed storage units in search of hidden treasure. these seasoned veterans have found everything from coffins to the world's most valuable comic book collection, paying as little as ten dollars for items valued in the millions.

Title: Storage Wars Date: 2010 Time: 22 min Category: Reality-TV
Price: free Country: USA Rating: 6.5 Type: Series
Awards: 1 nomination.
Writer: N/A
Actors: Brandi Passante, Laura Dotson, Darrell Sheets, Dan Dotson
Director: N/A




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5 June 2012 jimdavisa from United States:
I know for a fact that SW is full of crap, I went to a few auctions and over heard Barry talking to a camera person last month, Barry is not a collector at all he doesn't even buy the storage units the producers pay it for him, he is just a friend of the producer tom beers, I was so upset to hear this, I stayed after the auction and they staged the 'so called item' that Hester found, they send the actor off and make him come back after they plant it...WTF!!!!....and to top this off all the actors get PAID for each episode, apparently thousands....stay behind after the auction and you can see how they fake it after the auction finishes....SOOOOO mad at the show for lying...I am never watching this again!!!!!
4 January 2013 Mustang92 from United States:
I'll be honest with you. I really, really enjoyed this show. I thought, like Pawn Stars or other similar shows, this show was real. That is, the items found in the lockers were real. The on-camera interviews that the cast give? I think any astute person can tell a lot of that is scripted, and the "conflicts" between the various characters are scripted, as many reality shows do. But I thought the *finds* in the lockers were real.Given we now learn this hasn't been the case, through Dave Hester's lawsuit against the show and A&E, I feel severely cheated. If the producers wanted (or needed) to plant crap in lockers to be sure each episode had exciting things in it, then don't pretend these are real finds. Make up a different show. "Oddities in Beverly Hills" perhaps, where we travel to someone's home and pick through crap they put in their garage 30 years ago. Or whatever.This is REALLY sleazy of the "Storage Wars" producers, and this is REALLY sleazy of A&E. I think maybe there should be more lawsuits against this show, besides Hester's...
20 May 2014 SnoopyStyle from :
I liked this show at the beginning. It has fascinating characters like the arrogant Dave Hester, the eccentric 'collector' Barry Weiss, the Sheets father and son, and young couple Brandi and Jarrod. There is an exciting bidding process. This is also a treasure hunt.Now comes the problems. The first problem I noticed was the pumping up of the bids. It's exciting to bid higher and higher prices. The show fell into that trap. Once they started to bid higher, they can't seem to stop. The prices became ridiculous. Like an addict, the highs stop being exciting. It is such an obvious annoying setup that the bidding half of the show is now unwatchable.The show was always prone to faking. The pieces were priced with questionable appraisals. The fact that the characters were paid by the show is not really news. Then planting pieces really blew up. I was willing to accept a few pieces, but the wide spread planting really hurts. It's obvious that things are rigged when every week, exactly 3 of the 4 teams get lockers while 1 team walks away empty handed. EVERY TIME.The bidding process is now very boring. The characters are wearing a little thin. Dave Hester got booted for possibly complaining about planting of pieces. I still like to see the different buys whether planted or not. Overall, it's not the same anymore. It may have been a 7 at the beginning but it is no more than a 5 now and dropping.


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