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A State Department employee newly posted to the American embassy in London is charged with stopping terrorists from getting into the U.S. That puts her right in the line of fire and she is targeted for death and framed for crimes. Discredited, she is forced to go on the run while she tries to clear her name and stop a large-scale terrorist attack set for New Year's Eve in Times Square.

Title: Survivor Date: 2015 Time: 96 min Category: Action, Crime, Thriller
Price: free Country: USA, UK Rating: 5.6 Type: Movie
Awards: N/A
Writer: Philip Shelby
Actors: Paddy Wallace, Parker Sawyers, Bashar Rahal, Royce Pierreson
Director: James McTeigue




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27 May 2015 Lloyd Bayer from United Arab Emirates:
No one ever said that a film has to be Nolan era cryptic to be appreciated. But that doesn't mean there should be a critical lapse in logic either. In the wake of increasing terror attacks around the world, Survivor might have timing on its side but precious little else when viewed as a straight-up action thriller.A bulk of that problem lies with the severely disjointed story of a girl that cried wolf. That girl is Foreign Service Officer Kate Abbott (Mila Jovovich), newly stationed at the American Embassy in London. Abbott comes with an impressive resume but despite her commendable experience in profiling terror suspects, can't seem to convince her boss and Ambassador to the UK (Angela Bassett) that certain visa applicants to the United States have diabolical motives. One such applicant is a Romanian doctor who calls The Watchmaker (Pierce Brosnan), an accomplice and hit-man, to eliminate Abbott. Their plan – bomb a restaurant she's dinning at. Of course, Abbott survives, and just minutes later, appears to have killed an embassy official thanks to social media. It's the first of several laughable face-palm moments. Now going from the frying pan into the fire, Abbott is targeted by British authorities, American authorities and The Watchmaker himself, before trying to single-handedly foil a massive terror attack on US soil.By now you must have noticed a string of inconsistencies that are not only illogical but absurd. Why would a skilled hit-man blow up a restaurant just to kill an unarmed office worker with no field experience? With CCTV coverage at every nook and cranny in London, why would the US Embassy implicate one of its own without a shred of evidence? As an Embassy officer with diplomatic immunity, why is Abbott hiding? Even if there are justifiable theories to those questions, nothing can prepare you for the ludicrous nature of how the entire story is penned. Pacing is an even bigger issue coming from James McTeigue, the same director responsible for the fantastic V For Vendetta. Except for Abbott's unbelievable escapes every time The Watchmaker strikes, the rest of the film comprises of time filling goose chases from one plot point to another. It doesn't register and neither does Brosnan's villain who goes from brutal to clumsy in direct reference to the title.Documenting a movie experience is never easy when you have certain expectations, only to be let down by poor execution, lazy scripting and wooden performances. At best, Survivor is a film with a bunch of talented actors struggling to bring out an honorable tribute to law enforcement agencies thwarting terror attacks since 9/11. Although that message is intrepid, the film isn't and anyone watching this film won't remember what it stands for.
16 August 2015 ArchAngel Michael from Wields The Sword Of Light:
Spoilers Ahead:Watch the hell out, he put down his walker, put his teeth back in and he's coming to blow up Time's Square. My favorite scene is the physical battle between Milla and Bond: The Tragic Years. Those of you who read my reviews and think I am misogynistic, maybe a tad, hey, I am on Milla's side here. I took care of old people for twenty years; she would have broken every bone in his body. People that age, you sneeze on them, their bones break: please, come on, give us a break. Pierce, look at yourself, time to come to get out of the action genre: he makes Cruise look like he's in his twenties again. The movie starts and ends well, hence, the three stars. The middle is like your grandparents coming to visit you; the affection has been established, you think you know what they are saying, after a while you just don't give a crap. Millia red flags the wrong guy, Dr. Evil's dad, and he sets Gramps and his whole blow the living crap out of you club on her butt. Mila gets in trouble with Stella, who doesn't have her groove on and she has to run undercover. Look, until this section you will be angry with me, it is very exciting up to this point here, then the movie turns into a trip to DMV. Boring.The boredom seems to last for hours subjectively. She wanders here and there, talks to the mystery CIA friend, is she a man or a woman? Only her hairdresser can tell? She, unbelievably, lets Milla back into a secured facility so she can steal a hard drive. Come on, they what have put Pat in a cell forever and Gandhi would not have risked that much for Milla. Milla's superior gets killed and she is framed for the murder. Hey, you won't care at this point, people over 40? You will awaken clutching your sandwich watching the screen saver dancing on your screen. Yes, I backed it up before I wrote this. Do not say I didn't warn you about the middle of this movie: Boring like waiting for a dental appointment in the waiting room. Where are the magazines? When you awaken, about the last fifteen minutes, there is finally a fight between a man and Milla where you won't groan and say give me a break. My 90 year old aunt could have kicked his butt. Finally, after twenty years, a fight scene with Milla that has some verisimilitude. No, she doesn't do a somersault in mid air or perform the jitterbug with a sword; this is as good as the first half hour. Unfortunately, there is the matter of the middle which will bore the living crap out of you.This is a movie desperately in need of two things: rewrite the middle please and could we get somebody who doesn't look like you opened their coffin and ran wires into their body to make them appear alive. Pierce, please? Is there an address or E mail where we can mail Pierce some money? Poor guy, actors save your money every day. This is as bad as Judith Anderson in Star Trek 3: The Search For Harve Bennet's Brain. If this had a better script, maybe we wouldn't have noticed Brosnan looking Mesozoic. They dug up Robert Forster from Jackie Brown for contrast with Pierce. If you look like Forster, don't let them photograph you. Have mercy. He looks like Dorian Gray's picture at the end of the movie. This is a movie with two good parts and a middle that is coma inducing. Brosnan looks like going to the bathroom regularly would be his main focus of existence. Drink Lots Of Coffee Before Trying To Watch This.
30 May 2015 admtech69 from Canada:
I was really looking forward to this film, Director James McTeigue had made me an instant fan with "V for Vendetta". Pierce Brosnan did an admirable job with the material that he was given, evoking the same ice cold villain persona that he had perfected in such films as "The Fourth Protocol" and "Don't Talk to Strangers".Milla Jovovich is a decent actress but much of her role involves reacting to situations with close ups of shock/surprise. It was not a good fit.Supporting actors including Robert Forster and Angela Basset round out the impressive cast but they are largely wasted.I see 2 main issues with this film:1) The storyline is very clichéd, especially the predictable 3rd act and much of the dialogue is very stilted. 2) The CGI in many parts is sub par and takes you out of your suspension of disbelief.Having said all this, I still found it to be a competent thriller worth watching with these caveats.


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