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In a community nourished and sustained by myth and bordered by untamed nature, the search for a serial killer becomes a matter of life and death for local detective Annie Redford who is trying to cope with her first murder case. When the body of local man Niall Swift is found at the foot of Carn Mohr Mountain and an isolated human heart on the loch shore, the town's normality is shattered and the nightmare begins. Chillingly, the beautiful scenery, undulating Highlands and vast expansive loch becomes a character in it's own right adding a haunting depth to the community's plight.

Title: The Loch Date: 2017 Time: 45 min Category: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Price: free Country: UK Rating: 6.7 Type: Series
Awards: N/A
Writer: N/A
Actors: Jack Bannon, Siobhan Finneran, Laura Fraser, Don Gilet
Director: N/A




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13 June 2017 ianlouisiana from United Kingdom:
One day someone will write a TV series about a remote community that isn't full of repressed homosexuals,strangely - behaved college students,parents with deep secrets,fragmenting families,compromised coppers and a serial killer lurking in its depths.But don't hold your breath because it ain't going to happen anytime soon."Shetland","The Lakes" are just recent manifestations.I wonder if perhaps "Surbiton" might be next? Unfortunately,"The Loch" is TV drama by numbers as cliché follows cliché and local cops call in Miss S. Finneran - the saviour of many a programme - to help them solve two murders that appear related.Alright,I know officially it takes 3 to make a serial killer but it's only Episode one - right?. At a hastily - built(it was only ten minutes ago when the guy was teaching piano) shrine one character says enigmatically,"This isn't a community - it's a group of people held together by lies". There's quite a bit of this sort of stuff,unfortunately. The splendid Miss Finneran moves in another universe,nay,another dimension to the rest of the cast and they will be hard pushed in the next few weeks to catch up with her. As ITV's rival to "Poldark" I fear "The Loch" will be a bit of a non - starter.
2 July 2017 zekeblack from United States:
C'mon! How many boxes did they tick covering every stereotype possible.Taking care not to add spoilers: Out of town cops v in-town cops= friction. Kids that don't obey, and lie.Requisite minorities included, bad guy shrinks. Husband feeling neglected because wife has a life- (but isn't particularly honorable to her) Stopping here, before spoilers, I just wanted to say that the "Paint-by-numbers" plots these shows have are getting awfully tedious. Four episodes in, and if I spend a minute, I bet I can solve this by figuring out what box isn't yet ticked off! Aren't there any original writers out there? With new ideas? GREAT SCENERY!!!
26 June 2017 robinjeley from UK:
I use IMDb to give me a steer on whats hot and whats not. Having read a poor review on The Loch, I felt compelled to level the field.I'm a big fan of Broadchurch and similar crime dramas. This one is no pup. Its developing characters and a complex story-line to compete with the best.All of the characters are interesting and there are many plot lines and angles on this web of a story.My only complaint is that its a series and I have to wait a week for the next episode.


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