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Chronicle about Germany's most extraodinary literary family.

Title: The Manns Date: 2001 Time: 312 min Category: Biography, Drama
Price: free Country: Germany, Austria, Switzerland Rating: 8.4 Type: Series
Awards: 11 wins & 2 nominations.
Writer: N/A
Actors: Armin Mueller-Stahl, Monica Bleibtreu, Jürgen Hentsch, Veronica Ferres
Director: N/A




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7 September 2004 prospero22 from Bayreuth, Germany:
This epic documentary/drama about arguably the greatest German author of the 20th century is really fascinating. Watching Elisabeth Mann-Borgese return to the places of her childhood is quite a moving experience and you feel the wisdom and the experience this old lady can share with the world. And it is a great gift for all of us that she did so shortly before her death. What a great family story this is! Everybody does a tremendous job in acting their roles (well, apart from Veronica Ferres' Nelly Kröger, whom I don't hold as such a good actress; especially her faked Northern German accent didn't convince me), and I fear I'll have difficulties not seeing the face of Armin Mueller-Stahl before me whenever I'll think of Thomas Mann in the future. This mixture of historical movie and documentary is just about perfect and may establish a new genre.
4 July 2007 tatyamaretti from Italy:
I like so much the TV-movie "Die Manns - Ein Jahrhundertroman"! As Marianne Krull wrote in her beautiful book "Im Netz der Zauberer" (I think in English it is "In the Net of the Magicians"), I'm intrigued by Family Mann's world since I was a teenager. First of all, by Erika and Klaus, but also by the double soul of Thomas, the literary talent (Heinrich, Thomas, Klaus and Erika wrote such beautiful intense books!) and the problematic lives of the entire family, in a so dramatic age!Also by the frustration of the younger Manns: Golo, Monika, Elisabeth and Michael, who worked hard to find their own way, with their passion for music and arts. Heinrich and his strange love for self-destructive women. And the sweet, mysterious Katia, a real angel who supported her husband career. This movie shows all that with good, convincing actors. It's good the director has inserted real interviews and photos between the fiction.In the end: the real Erika (9 November 1905) was almost exactly one year elder than Klaus (18 November 1906), they had the same zodiacal sign and were called "the twins", (many friends thought that they were really twins). Well, Sophie Rois was born 1 June 1961 - Sebastian Koch 31 May 1962!!! What a coincidence!!!
19 February 2005 Vlad Rotariu ([email protected]) from Sibiu, Romania:
Like other biopics about famous writer and artists,this film tried and succeeded to achieve a balance between sheer,dull biographical information and the complex process of their own creative mind. It shows how intensely Thomas Mann and his numerous,gifted and controversial family lived a century which saw the fall of the German Empire,the rise of the Third Reich,two world wars,the McCarthy trials(in which even the literature of Thomas and Heinrich Mann was seen as subversive,as it was seen a decade earlier,when the Nazis publicly burned their books) Armin Mueller-Stahl's performance as Thomas Mann is particularly convincing,somewhat resembling to the haunting depiction of Thomas Mann's character(and alter-ego) Gustav Von Aschenbach in Visconti's Death in Venice,beautifully crafted by Dirk Bogarde.Even some hints at Thomas Mann's purely platonic homo-erotic desires and experiences are showed,which makes the resemblance to Death in Venice even more obvious.Another movie with whom this might be compared is Fitzgerald and the last of the belles-in a similar way,both movies are built upon several opposites joined together bourgeois versus artist,reality versus fiction,ideal versus everyday life. Inspite of minor flaws(concerning mostly the physical resemblance and behavior of several actors and the real life characters),this film contains enough biographical material,brought to the viewer in a both exact,unbiased and entertaining,interesting manner.


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