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The Trial is a brand new, ground-breaking five-part series to be stripped across one week on Channel 4. In it, a fictional crime will be authentically tried by a team including eminent practicing QCs, a genuine judge and a jury of 12 members of the public. The only actors include the accused - a man who is pleading not guilty for the murder of his wife - the deceased, and some of the witnesses. A thrilling hybrid of drama and documentary, The Trial aims to both hook viewers with the real twists and turns of a criminal murder trial and reveal the inner workings of the justice system as never seen before. Secrets of what being a juror entails will be revealed when cameras follow them into the deliberation room as they try to reach their verdict. The trial centres around the murder of 38-year-old Carla Davis, who was strangled to death in her own home. The accused is her estranged husband, Simon. The prosecution is led by Max Hill QC with junior barrister Michelle Nelson. Defendant Davis is represented by John Ryder QC and junior barrister Lucy Organ. Presiding is Judge Brian Barker CBE QC - formerly the most senior judge at the Old Bailey. Giving evidence at the trial will be forensic experts, police officers and eye witnesses as well as friends and relatives of both the deceased and the accused.

Title: The Trial: A Murder in the Family Date: 2017 Time: 48 min Category: Documentary
Price: free Country: UK Rating: 8.1 Type: Series
Awards: N/A
Writer: N/A
Actors: Michael Gould, Emma Lowndes, Kevin Harvey, Fern Deacon
Director: N/A




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30 May 2017 jc-osms from United Kingdom:
A bizarre cross between reality TV and fictional drama, this "You the Jury" contrivance presented a fictionalised murder put before a real life ex-judge, defending and prosecuting counsel and twelve jury members drawn from the public at large.Spread over five nights, it came to a conclusion in the final episode with the judgement of the jury and finally a depiction of the events as they "really" occurred. As someone who's never been on a jury myself, I found some of the procedural aspects to be of interest but the constant straining of a writer's fiction with the real-life cogitations of the jury members for me produced an inconclusive outcome. I do believe that most murders, especially of the domestic kind, are pretty open and shut, but here the introduction of a credible alternative killer who conveniently has no alibi seemed very contrived and almost bound to create the outcome seen at the end.I found the speechifying of the public jury to be tiresome and gratuitous at times as each of them seeks to impose their version of the truth on their fellow jurors. I also wasn't too interested in the points-scoring of the opposing counsels, with the whole thing in the end feeling artificial. The extended reveal of the "actual" events in the aftermath of the decision could just as easily have been twisted to give a different version of events leading to an inescapable feeling of manipulation particularly with the use of background music, unusual camera set-ups and other recognisable TV directorial traits where no one swears or fluffs their lines and everyone walks into shot at just the right time, almost as if they'd been cued up. It wasn't hard to imagine the vox-poppers rehearsing their speeches or re-taking them for best effect with the strange outcome that the actors playing the fictionalised parts seemed more real than their true-life overseers. And where was the police testimony or scientific evidence, both palpably absent from the case? DNA, the greatest criminology discovery of recent times hardly gets a look-in.Like a strange collision between "The Thin Blue Line" and "Twelve Angry Men", this show would have you think it was pushing back barriers but in the end it was just another gimmicky crime drama which struggled to fully satisfy or educate its audience as it wished to do.
26 May 2017 rabbitmoon from United Kingdom:
The Trial was quite fun to watch, not only acting as a pseudo-jury yourself deliberating on what verdict you choose, but observing all the usual human-nature nuances of people discussing anything. Bias, attention seeking egos, the "I can look at someone and suss them out immediately!" self-aggrandizing sorts, personal experience creating unconscious agendas, projecting of one's past onto the people in question. You hear a lot of "I felt this, now I feel that" because there's precious little actual evidence. The final episode though seemed hugely contrived, trying to wreck havoc with your guesses until the very final moments. In going for the twisty-drama angle, the show lost a lot of credibility in how it sets up the opposing suspects. Specifically, the usual character traits that normally lend a pattern of character to these cases were hugely manipulated against expectation, making the whole experiment unfair in terms of its objectives to offer up some pseudo-reality. One man goes from gentle, loving, smiling, affectionate, fully- accepting of a woman's infidelities, to aggressive murder without remorse or emotion. The other goes from nice-guy to dominant, aggressive, manipulative, controlling, impulsive, entitled, violent - but of course he didn't do it. Channel 4, having shamelessly contrived the characters in these last moments to toy with your perceptions, then try to place the trial in the context of violence- from-partners, with some statistics. I'm really not sure what point it was trying to make, and I'm not sure if they know themselves. My guess is that two endings were shot (the characters and circumstances in the lead-up were certainly written to cater equally to the murder), with whatever contrary ending provided the best drama depending on what the jury verdict was.


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