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Follow the hosts of this million dollar television show as they report on the newest Hollywood gossip, movie titles and more

Title: TMZ on TV Date: 2007 Time: 30 min Category: Comedy, News
Price: free Country: USA Rating: 3.6 Type: Series
Awards: 3 nominations.
Writer: N/A
Actors: Dax Holt, Harvey Levin, Brian Mcdaniel, Ryan Satin
Director: N/A




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27 June 2008 fritosorlays from United States:
If I were to spend my time trying to find a word that could describe how much I loathed this show, the world will have already found a clean and efficient fuel source.I did not watch TMZ for more than 30 seconds before changing the channel, and when the commercials come on and advertise TMZ, I groan, literally. Why anyone would spend time gathering and watching the garbage they air, I have no clue. TMZ constantly mocks, harasses, and stalk celebrities, making up lies and emphasizing mistakes you could catch any normal human doing. Celebrities are't criminals, but they aren't gods either. They don't deserve being stalked by these trash for mistakes I'm sure most of us make. They are people who just happen to be good at acting or singing, just as a programmer would be good at programming. Yet you wouldn't stalk him, the person who made your computer what it is and has probably provided more entertainment for you than celebrities ever could.TMZ is trash, pure and simple. They make a living off causing others pain and ridicule. But perhaps it would be bearable, if not for the smug and childish attitudes of the staff. They're hypocrites of the highest caliber. Laughing at every fall, picking at every hair, and acting as if they are better than the celebrities themselves. The worst part yet is the people who actually enjoy this crap, they're no better than the staff.Trash content, a trash staff, and a trash audience. I am surprised it has not been canceled yet. - Actually, no, I'm not, and that's what worries me.
19 March 2012 Jason Evans from United Kingdom:
I was flicking through the channels yesterday when I stumbled across TMZ on TV for the first time, just as they were asking the question "What is Matthew Perry up to nowadays?""Oh my gosh", I thought to myself, "I've been so busy worrying about the situation in Syria, the Eurozone Crisis, and the conflict in Libya that I've completely forgotten to keep up to date with the life of Matthew Perry". Ashamed of my ignorance, I stayed tuned and watched those fearless TMZ reporters, valiant guardians of truth that they are, chase Matthew Perry across a restaurant car park whilst shouting insightful questions like "Matthew, who were you with tonight?" and "Matthew, do you still talk to Matt le Blanc?" These are questions that we all need to know the answers to, and yet the BBC and CNN stubbornly refuse to report on them - preferring to focus on trivial matters like famines, droughts and wars. Thank God that TMZ on TV is here to supply us with real, hard-hitting, investigative journalism!
15 January 2009 sirjsk from United States:
Extortion - Blackmail - Invasion of Privacy - Trespassing - Easdropping - Peeping - political motivations - leverage industrial.This show is a criminal syndicate posing as the worst trash of journalism. A step up when in reality it's much worse.This show is the worst evolution of Mortin Downey Jr., Geraldo Brawls, and Jackass Ignorance. But not by accident or innocence but by design.This show is a propaganda machine utilizing bling hypnotized, starry eyed, delusional aspiree's in thinking they are legitimized.I've posted here many times and have found all posts cleared out. I was surprised to see any negative comments allowed again.I support anyone working to get this show off the air, all others restricted and these participants blacklisted.This show is meant to be divisive and destructive, for their own determinations.It's time to stop.


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