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UFOs Declassified uncovers the world's most amazing UFO stories and reveals the top secret documents that back them up!

Title: UFOs Declassified Date: 2015 Time: 47 min Category: Documentary, History
Price: free Country: Canada Rating: 7.2 Type: Series
Awards: N/A
Writer: N/A
Actors: Brad Cartner, Leslie Kean, Nick Pope, Louis Adams
Director: N/A




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17 November 2015 recklessron from Canada:
Possible spoiler alert! First let me say I really wanted to like this show.Overall it was very well done. Episode 1 was put together well, good editing and a narrator who might have been chosen because he sounds a LOT like Mike Rowe. It flowed well and avoided the Chariot's-of-the-Gods style of asking questions and then suggesting, if true then...Unfortunately it provided me with absolutely no new information, perhaps that's because I've already seen many similar shows covering the Battle of Los Angeles. If you know nothing about it, episode 1 covers the topic quite well.I was going to rate it a 6 but, all things considered, it was very well done. Sadly I found it disappointing to discover nothing new, just a rehashing of old info, followed by a conclusion of inconclusive evidence.If you haven't seen any UFO documentaries then I could recommend seeing this. If you are a hard core UFO enthusiast then pass - or watch it without getting your hopes up as it contains nothing new.
12 December 2015 AudioFileZ from United States:
I like most UFO shows enough to watch them. Few rise to a high level where they're actually compelling. Even good series such as Hangar 1 suffers from the "same story" syndrome as well as "the current formula" which breaks excessively for commercials with a quick, and truly boring, recap of what we've already seen. UFOS Declassified is somewhat different in that it seems an episode has about 46-minutes of actual content without relentless recaps. Perhaps because this is due to being primarily seen on the Smithsonian Channel it seeks to break out and define as a better take on the genre.So how well does UFOS Declassified come off? First, it is based primarily on an assortment of old stories, most will known yet are worth revisiting since about a third are largely forgotten. It revolves, for the most part, on talking heads commenting around the re-enactment of these stories. Some are regulars like Nick Pope while some are interesting lesser seen ones like David Marler. While the re-enactments are quality, they're low key and lack "real" urgency due to not interviewing the actual subjects whose witness accounts are crucially re-enacted. If we got to meet the witnesses, I believe, it would raise the bar as actors playing the role really can't express the wonder of seeing something extraordinary.If you like the genre this is worth a watch. You'll likely not be bowled over with anything particularly spectacular, but you'll be entertained. Speaking of entertainment, this is the stock and trade of 90% of all UFO shows. I can't say I believe absolutely in UFOS after watching any show, UFOS Declassified included, but the mounting evidence of plenty of credible people experiencing, what for lack of irrefutable evidence, is solid first-hand accounts its hard to deny something of high-strangeness is happening regularly even if most of us will never experience anything similar ourselves. This show gets a 6 for it's low-key non-sensational re-enactments of very real cases of UFO witnesses.
23 November 2015 bbriddell from United States:
I went straight to the 3rd episode (Black Triangles) as the same stories aren't very revealing.MOST IMPORTANTLY: Why hasn't there been new pictures or footage to go along with stories. We've had Smart phones since 2005. So, from 2005 to 2015 we don't have anything? Stories are derivative rehash of previous material devoid of anything but eyewitness accounts and drawings.This show is 2015 I was hoping for new pictures or videos to go along with the stories. Either there is nothing new to report or the aliens have boycotted the Earth since almost everyone on the planet has a cell phone.These type shows can be fun and Ancient Aliens goes into updates on what's new or newly discovered. When you keep rehashing stories from before 2005 and relying on eyewitness accounts, drawings, and there recollection; it's like sitting around the campfire and hearing stories.I was hoping this would be OK.If you are hoping as well; then I recommend. . . PASSING ON THIS.


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